Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Marketing…ah, the game has changed a lot over the last few years!

All of the major social platforms can now deliver ads to their users. This is a great thing. We now have the ability to target potential customers or clients of our products or services with astonishing accuracy.

Unlike radio, TV, or billboard ads where one disseminates your marketing message to everyone that sees or hears it (hoping it somehow reaches your target audience) social media marketing can put your product or service front and center to the prospective customer or client that is most likely to buy.

As part of the customized marketing strategy that we develop, our team of experts will recommend social advertising campaigns on those platforms that are most relevant (and will have the greatest ROI) for your brand.

Mind you-not all campaigns are created equal! Each will have a different but equally important objective – from driving traffic to lead generation to client retention, we implement the strategy that best delivers on your objectives.

Strange as it may sound, TDG also uses social media as a listening tool. Employing a variety of tools and methods, we can keep a keen eye not only what consumers are saying about your brand, but about what is said about your competitors as well.

We then apply this very specific data to help refine our marketing game plan and strategy.

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